Rail Loading Chute
Nordic Chute
Underground Truck Loading Chute

We will work with you to customize your chute to your application. Select from our full range of standard chutes for loading trucks, rail or conveyor, or engage us to design one to meet your specific tonnage and material requirements. Whether you opt for one of our standard controls or a customized application, our solutions are easy to dismantle and install for reuse at a new location.

  • Dual action loading chutes
    • In-line
    • Side loading
  • Arc-Gate chutes
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Manual, pendant or CCTV remote control options
  • Proven reduced downtime with reliable construction
  • Loading of haulage trucks, rail or conveyors
  • Over 400 installations globally
  • Increased load factor and reduced spillage


Continuous Unloading

Increase productivity with NMT's continuous unloading stations. Designed specifically to work with the NMT side or end hinge bottom dump ore wagons. Choosing a NMT rail haulage system ensures reliable, consistent, low maintenance production. NMT has been designing and manufacturing unloading stations since 1982.

  • Bi-directional or in-line
  • Improved cycle time
  • Faster installation through reduced excavation and stream-lined steelwork
  • Optional propulsion devices to control unloading speed and move the train through the unloading station when using a single locomotive

It is not just about delivering highly cost effective equipment designed to sustain a 30 year life span. It is also about working with you to minimize costs every step of the way.



Years of experience and shop pre-assemblies enable NMT to design and manufacture loading pockets with smooth installation underground.

  • Single flask, double flask, pantleg style
  • Volumetric or gravimetric (load cell)
  • Arc gate or top hinge discharge gate
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic


Moving muck from raise to shaft is easy with NMT’s loadout system. Site specific conditions are studied to build the most efficient system for the operation of your mine.

Loadout systems consist of:

  • Bin throat insert
  • Press frame control gate (hydraulic or pneumatic)
  • Vibratory feeder
  • Conveyor (electric or hydraulic drive)
  • Conveyor covers
  • Conveyor guards
  • Support steel
  • Platforms and stairs
  • May include loading pocket
  • Optional tramp metal magnet
  • Optional dust suppression water spray