Safety is of the utmost importance to the NMT team.  Regularly, management and supervision communicate safety topics and motivate employees to work safe.  NMT strives to develop a team of professionals who are trained and accountable for their decisions.  Our commitment to training and development is rooted in the belief that our employees deserve to wok in a job that helps them learn and grow.


One day off with pay for working Safe! The Ruel Award recognizes those employees that do not have a medical aid incident/injury or a lost time injury. The objective of the Ruel Award is to improve workplace safety, to reduce workplace incidents and injuries.

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Policy Statement

At Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc., we are committed to health and safety because it is the right way to work. Management is accountable to set the example, and to apply the systems and programs to build a culture that engages all people to deliver on the promise of zero harm.

Mandatory Requirements

We believe that a safe and healthy workplace is a fundamental right of every person and also a business imperative and we can keep each other safe through our commitment to alerting one another to hazards, and taking actions to control or eliminate those hazards.

All employees and contractors must accept accountability to remain within the established boundaries, to adhere to legislated requirements, to work as trained, and be receptive to coaching and to care for another. 

Health and Safety is not an extra part of a job, but an integral full-time component of each employee's responsibilities whether management, supervisors, workers, visitors, clients or contractors. Let's work together to eliminate incidents/injuries and occupational illness for a safe and healthy workplace.