In conducting business anywhere in the world, Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc. employees comply fully with applicable anti-corruption laws.


Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc. personnel are prohibited from directly or indirectly offering, giving, soliciting or receiving any form of bribe, kickback or other corrupt payment, or anything of value, to or from any person or organization, including government agencies, individual government officials, private companies and employees of those private companies under any circumstances.

This prohibition applies:

  • World-wide, without exception.
  • Without regard to regional customs, local practices or competitive conditions.
  • To the indirect payment of any such bribe, kickback or other corrupt payment that may be carried out through third parties, such as representatives, consultants, brokers, contractors, suppliers, joint ventures or affiliates, or any other intermediary or agent acting on behalf of Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc.

An employee will not be penalized for any delay or loss of business resulting from his or her refusal to pay a bribe.