NMT is proud to be a contributing member to it's local and international community. Over the years NMT has supported and will continue to invest in accessible education globally, mine rescue training and competitions, and local sports and recreation activities. Two prominent causes are a 5 year finical commitment to the North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation and regular participation in the Heart and Stroke Foundation - Big Bike Campaign. 

North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation

The North Bay Regional Health Centre’s mission is to provide compassionate, quality, patient-focused care to the people of North Bay and district. The Hospital has provided excellent health care for almost 100 years. As a district referral centre, communities from a vast area rely on the Hospital for more specialized services. North Bay Regional Health Centre is a national and provincial leader in a number of its medical services and initiatives. To maintain this advanced level of care, the Hospital must rely more and more on the generous financial help from our friends in the community. Increased demand for our services and rapidly changing medical technology place enormous pressures on our Hospital’s financial resources.

Heart and Stroke Foundation - Big Bike Campaign

For 20 minutes, 29 riders power one Big Bike. On event day, one of our drivers will accompany you as you pedal through your community and celebrate your accomplishments. While you pedal, you literally stop traffic to support critical heart disease and stroke research, so you’ll feel good, while doing good. But be warned: The minute you stop, you’ll want to climb right back on. It’s that much fun!