Nordic Minesteel Technologies LLC

Nordic minesteel technologies

Nordic Minesteel Technologies LLC (NMT) was founded in 2013 to serve the mineral rich country of Mongolia. The Mongolian mining boom is expected to triple or quadruple the size of Mongolia's economy in the coming years.

Nordic Minesteel Technologies LLC (NMT) is a 1/3 owner of Hunnu Mining Service a Mongolian company with partners ZMEngineering and Hasu Magawatt.


Specialized Maintenance Equipment

Specialized Maintenance Equipment

Specialized Maintenance Equipment (SME) provides advanced solutions to the international mining industry. We offer mine maintenance personnel high-tech, heavy duty equipment that provides fast, effective and safe tooling used to maintain truck and shovel equipment.

These specialized pieces of equipment are designed to enhance safety standards for mine personnel and increase the rate of return for stakeholders.

The success of SME is due to their competent and experienced team that works closely with front line maintenance, safety and management personnel. The design of all our equipment is integrated with new and improved operational practices using tools specifically designed for the job.


Schalke Locomotives GmbH

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Schalke has been engineering and supplying locomotives throughout the world for more than 146 years. Their locomotives are custom made to handle widely varying customer requirements and equipped with highly practical innovations-such as exchangeable powerpacks and service attachments. Whether for mining or urban applications, customers benefit from Schalke’s main advantage: incredible flexibility in finding custom-made solutions and experience that spans three centuries.